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Seminar at WAK, March 2016


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Обратная связь

The 20 representatives of different enterprises took part in a regular seminar which was held at our plant on March 17, 2016. Within the arranged event several problems were highlighted such as some differences between the WA highly specialized standards and State Standard; the selection regulations of the most effective steel shot corresponding to the customer’s requirements; the method of efficiency improvement of the wheelblast equipment; studying of equipment and the operation principles in terms of turbine installation produced by Wheelabrator Group; estimated prime cost of shot-blast cleaning procedure; test methods; the discussing of tests results through the examples of particular plants and also the comparative results of W Abrasives steel shot tests through the examples of some customers.

The results and overall estimation of seminar we will know later but we hope that the meeting of leading specialists at our plant will leave a positive impression about the Company and will be the beginning and reliable prolongation of relationship in the common cause.